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Welcome to Montana Healthy Water, LLC
Montana Healthy Water, LLC (MHW) is committed to providing innovative and proven strategies for maintaining and/or achieving healthy water for small public water systems and private homes in northwest Montana. Montana Healthy Water, LLC is registered with the State of Montana, is insured, and an independent contractor.

Why Does It Matter?
While most Montanans enjoy pristine water flowing from the Continental Divide into its rivers and groundwater, recent increases in local population have increased the chances that more of us are at risk for drinking contaminated water, due to some of the following factors:

  • More wells drilled into the groundwater supplies
  • Storm water runoff into our surface waters and groundwater
  • Removal of vegetation along our waterways
  • Septic systems leaching contaminants to surface and groundwater

Obviously, every Montanan wants clean & safe water, which is precisely what Montana Healthy Water, LLC aims to achieve.

Please see WATER for answers to your water questions, or look to SOLUTIONS for how we can best serve you to improve you achieve or maintain healthy water.