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Private, professional, government businesses and agencies support Certified Water Operators in their goal for healthy water for all people. Montana Healthy Water, LLC joins this dedicated team to achieve clean water. We are committed to providing innovative and proven strategies for maintaining and/or achieving healthy water for small public water systems and private homes in northwest Montana. Along with private wells, MHW operates and manages small public water systems with fewer than 500 people. Montana Healthy Water, LLC has Certified Water Operators who work tirelessly to insure customers receive safe and healthy water as determined by the DEQ/EPA.

Below are some of the services we provide:

Private Well Services:

How well is your well water? Montana Healthy Water, LLC assesses well systems and surrounding conditions affecting its quality producing a homeowner’s booklet of data testing and recommendations. See if one of our Private Packages applies to you, as follows:

Private Package #1:
All FHA, VA, HUD loans - A certified water operator by the State Department of Environmental Quality will travel to a well and drinking water tap, use protocol accepted by EPA/DEQ to collect water samples for tests of total coliform, nitrite, nitrate, lead, copper— lead needs to be collected after it sits in the piping not more than 18 hours and not less than 6 hours. These samples will then be delivered to Montana Environmental Lab in Kalispell for freshness and temperature. Results can be faxed, emailed, or mailed to loan agencies and/or households. Pricing: $150.00, plus excess mileage and associated lab fees.

Private Package #2:
Home inspections – A certified water operator will travel to a home, school, or business, use EPA/DEQ protocol to collect needed water samples, minus the lead, then deliver to Montana Environmental Lab in Kalispell. Results and a summary can be faxed, emailed, or mailed to the requesting party. Pricing: $125.00 plus excess mileage and associated lab fees.

Private Package #3:
A certified water operator will travel to a home or business concerned about the quality of their water. This water may have issues of taste, color, smell or contaminants. It is useful for the operator to research the well log, visit the well, drinking water tap, mechanical room, treatment system, septic area to gather site data that can affect water quality. A mutual decision by the resident/owner and the operator as to the various organic, bacterial, inorganic, radiological, water quality tests that might be completed through nationally certified labs is decided. Results, plus explanations and summary will be included in a “Homeowner’s/Business Owners Tips for Safe Water” booklet of their water system. Pricing: Starts at $300.00, with possible solutions and treatments recommended. Solutions can include well, pump, and treatment specialists.

Private Package #4:
Special requests, including: well/drinking water tap disinfections or cleaning. Please contact us for prices and information.

Public Water Systems Services:

Public water systems can be varied and unique. As such, we can provide services that include, but are not limited to, monitoring and minor maintenance of wells, storage facilities, chlorine treatment, distribution systems to homes, new subdivision consulting, meter reading, pump house cleaning, and routine water sample collection for required/needed lab analysis.

Because of this wide range of variables and Montana Department of Environmental Quality or Environmental Protection Agency requirements, we don’t offer the same “package” approach we do for the private sector. Instead, we recommend you contact us for a proper consultation. We make one free site visit prior to giving an estimate or bid for monthly or yearly contracts.

Weekly/Monthly Work:

Prevention of catastrophes/emergencies is making weekly site visits to diligently collect data and complete minor maintenance from the well, pump house, storage, treatment, and distribution system the main goal. This information is communicated each month to HOA’s/Boards.

  • MHW understands and abides by County/DEQ/EPA rules and regulations concerning operating and maintaining the well pump house, storage, chlorination, and distribution systems. Frequent communication with these agencies and homeowners insures more efficient water system management.
  • MHW collects correct and appropriate water samples and insures HOA’s understands costs beforehand.
  • MHW/HOA ensure that PWS experienced, licensed, and insured electricians, plumbers, pump companies, well drillers, M.E.Lab, engineers, and excavators are hired for maintenance and repairs.
  • MHW attends monthly/yearly training and completes daily research with local and national experts to expand our knowledge of the growing water industry.
  • MHW prepares the required yearly Consumer Confidence Report, plus monthly and yearly reports to DEQ/EPA/County. Sanitary survey deficiencies become her responsibility to help homeowners finish before the next three year cycle.

Estimating your cost to operate
a public water system:

Providing safe and adequate water to all your public water system customers is a vital part of a community. MHW can estimate the cost to operate your public water system. First we visit your water system to determine basic needs of the system and how MHW can best meet them. We then provide an estimate of what it will take to operate the system to protect your assets. MHW can read meters, databases, even do the billing if needed. We understand the complexities of owning a utility and enjoy solving the problems that will always be there.